“Fragrance experience to enjoy with gin” The first pop-up store for a limited time will be held at Ethical Spirits Shibuya Scramble Square!

「ジンで楽しむ香り体験」エシカル・スピリッツ 渋谷スクランブルスクエアにて初の期間限定ポップアップストアを開催!

Our project started with the gin "LAST", which was based on the theme of "It's like drinking perfume." Since its founding in February 2020, Ethical Spirits has recycled various materials such as surplus sake lees, beer, and sake into gin. There was a "fragrance" that colored the hidden talents of all materials.

In holding the first pop-up store as an ethical spirits, this time we planned it as an experience where you can enjoy the gin that has been distilled so far along with the "scent" along with the product sales. We are looking forward to delivering the story of each gin to everyone through the scent.


"Fragrance pop-up store to enjoy with gin"
Venue: Shibuya Scramble Square 3F SCRAMBLE THE FACE
Period: Friday, March 26, 2021 to Thursday, April 8, 2021
business hours:
Until 3/31 weekdays 15:00-21:00 Closed (20:00 LO) / Holidays 12:00-21:00
After 4/1, weekdays 15:00-22:00 Closed (21:00 LO) / Holidays 12:00-22:00

* Subject to change at the request of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government

■ Products for sale

A new life continues to be spun from the last lees of sake.
A craft gin created by distilling and reusing the sake lees of Chiyomusubi, a sake brewery with a history dating back to the first year of the Keio era in Tottori Prefecture. By using a unique botanical recipe, it produces a supreme flavor that is unique and gorgeous enough to be called a "perfume to drink".

A botanical that pops in your mouth, just like a perfume to drink.
Chiyomusubi's sake lees and distillation technology, and the original botanical recipe of Ethical Spirits are combined to create an image of a more challenging and gorgeous perfume, while maintaining the gorgeousness reminiscent of "drinkable perfume". Existence that forms a pair with MODEST.

An adult gin with a rich cacao flavor and fruity flavor.
Akita Prefecture's local sake "Kasutori Shochu" is used as the original liquor, and high-quality cacao with excellent flavor and aroma called "Whosecacao" special cacao, cacao husk, juniper berries, etc. are used. "Ethical Gin" where you can enjoy the flavor of fragrant cacao distilled from "husk" that is disposed of during the manufacturing process.


Life revived from wasted beer.

A gin with an innovative aroma and taste created by the corona disaster while respecting the manufacturing method and background of Budweiser. Beech chips are soaked in undiluted liquor distilled from discarded Budweiser, and beer is added. It is then completed by adding juniper berries, hops and lemon peel and distilling.

A Japanese tea gin with the sweet scent of old wood tea.
The unique scents of myoga, sudachi, and sencha are enveloped in the sweet scent of chamomile and furukicha. When you put it in your mouth, it has a very mellow quality. At first, you can feel the vivid citrus and greenness of coriander seeds, the deep fresh green scent of TeaRoom's Okochi Sencha, and finally the sharp spice of myoga. Adult taste. The label design is a collaboration with Heralboni, which creates a new culture based on welfare.

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