Why is alcohol a recommended souvenir from Narita Airport? Introducing limited edition alcohol that will make anyone happy!


Narita Airport is one of Japan's international airports. Did you know that it's actually a fun spot to pick out souvenirs? It's a must-see spot, especially for those who love alcohol. Narita Airport has a wide selection of local sake from all over Japan and Western liquor from all over the world. We recommend buying some alcohol as a souvenir.

This time, we will introduce why alcohol is a recommended souvenir from Narita Airport and the craft gin "Cloud9" that can be purchased at the airport.

Narita Airport

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Alcohol is a recommended souvenir to buy at Narita Airport!

There are three main reasons why we recommend alcohol as a souvenir from Narita Airport. Let's take a look at each one.

①A wide selection of products and duty-free prices

Narita Airport is a must-see spot for alcohol lovers, with a wide variety of alcohol from all over the world, including sake, whiskey, wine, and Western spirits. You can take your time browsing the high-quality alcoholic beverages before your flight. What's more, it's appealing that you can purchase them at a lower price than the regular price at duty-free stores. This is your chance to get high-quality alcohol at a great price.

②Regional limited items and special editions

Narita Airport also has a wide selection of local specialties and limited edition sake. Many of the rare items are sourced from local breweries and well-known brands, so you may find a hard-to-find sake. It's a great way to commemorate your visit to Narita Airport! Get some sake that's unique to Narita Airport and make a memorable souvenir.

3. Perfect as a gift

Alcohol has a relatively long shelf life and is a very popular gift item. By giving alcohol that is unique to Narita Airport as a gift to friends, family, and colleagues, You can share your travel memories by conveying the flavors and culture of the area. It will be a great gift for people who like alcohol. If you are unsure of what souvenir to choose, try choosing alcohol.

Cloud9, an ethical gin made from trees felled at Narita Airport

Narita Airport is home to a wide variety of alcoholic beverages from around the world, but did you know that there is also a limited edition craft gin that focuses on Chiba Prefecture?

That is the craft gin "Cloud9." "Cloud9" is originally an aviation term, referring to the highest cloud classification number, meaning clear skies, and it is said that pilots use "I'm on Cloud9" to mean "feeling happy, like I'm in heaven."

Craft Gin "Cloud9"

As its name suggests, "Cloud9" is characterized by its heavenly, refreshing flavor.
The main botanicals used are shekwasha from Chiba Prefecture and cedar leaves from trees felled at Narita Airport, giving the drink a refreshing citrus flavor.

Furthermore, the base is made using kasutori shochu from Chiba Prefecture, making it a drink that is unique to Chiba Prefecture, with a focus on using local ingredients.

Craft Gin "Cloud9" Botanical

How to enjoy Cloud9 and what foods go well with it

Cloud9 is known for its refreshing taste, but how do you drink it best? Here we will introduce some delicious ways to drink it and foods that go well with it.

how to drink

  • Gin and tonic

We recommend the simple and classic gin and tonic drink, which is just gin mixed with tonic. Cloud9 has a strong citrus flavor, so it goes well with tonic, and the result is a well-balanced combination of sweetness and bitterness.

Craft Gin "Cloud9" Gin and Tonic

  • Martini, White Lady, Gimlet

For those looking to enjoy a more authentic cocktail, we recommend classic gin cocktails such as the martini or gimlet.
Cloud9 uses kasutori shochu, and when combined with botanicals it creates a well-balanced overall flavor, making it a delicious way to enjoy classic gin cocktails.

Food that goes well with it

  • Yellowtail sashimi, yellowtail shabu-shabu, and white fish in general

The refreshing flavors of the shekwasha and sudachi in Cloud9 bring out the flavor of the white fish. Just as white fish is often eaten with ponzu and sudachi, it also pairs perfectly with alcohol that has a refreshing flavor.

  • Chicken Mizutaki or Hot Pot

Cloud9 goes well with not only fish, but also chicken. The gentle flavor of the chicken broth is enhanced by the refreshing botanicals.

Where can I buy Cloud9?

So where can you buy Cloud9 at Narita Airport? At Narita Airport, there are plenty of stores where you can buy bottles of Cloud9, as well as restaurants where you can enjoy it as a drink.

retail store

[Inside Narita Airport]

[Outside Narita Airport]

Restaurant provision

[Inside Narita Airport] (Terminal 1)

[Outside Narita Airport]

(Narita City)

(Shibayama Town)

(Katori City)

(Yachimata City)

(Yachiyo City)

(Taito-Ku, Tokyo)

    online store

    Why not choose "Cloud9," packed with the charm of Chiba, as a special souvenir from Narita Airport or as a drink to enrich your time before or after your flight?

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