A gin highball that allows you to enjoy alcohol without worrying about calories even if you are on a diet!


The craft gin how to drink guide introduces various recommended ways to drink gin, but this time we will introduce the appeal of gin highball, which is made by dividing gin with soda.


1. Was gin traditionally considered a healthy drink?
2. The difference between alcohol that makes you fat and alcohol that doesn't make you fat
3. If you are concerned about calories (sugar), it is recommended to mix with soda instead of tonic.
4. You can enjoy the taste with aroma without sugar

"I like alcohol, but recently I have to be careful about my health..."

"Recently I've started dieting, so I'm worried about alcohol calories..."
I think there are many people who have such troubles.

This time I want to know the alcohol that is hard to get fat! For those who say, we will introduce you to alcohol that you can enjoy without worrying about calories and how to drink it!

1. Gin was traditionally considered a healthy drink.


Gin is a liquor made by adding botanicals (herbs and medicinal herbs) such as juniper berries to an alcohol base and distilling it. Its origin is said to be Junievel Wine, an antipyretic and diuretic medicinal liquor created in 1660 by Dr. Silvius, a professor of medicine at Leiden University in the Netherlands. Later, due to the unique refreshing aroma of juniper berries, it became popular in the Netherlands as a liquor with a new taste rather than medicine.
In addition, juniper, the raw material of gin, has been used as a medicine with a therapeutic effect since ancient times.Indigenous peoples of North America used it as a treatment for trauma and illness, in China it was used as a crude drug, and in Europe it was used as a treatment for bacterial infections. It has been used for health in
In addition, other botanicals also contain healthy ingredients. Lemon peel has a cold preventive effect and tonic effect, coriander has a detoxifying effect that eliminates toxins, and angelica has effects such as promoting blood circulation and calming the mind. will be
Currently, various botanical-themed products are trending among health-conscious women around the world. With the spread of awareness that botanicals are good for health, more and more people are enjoying gin, an alcoholic beverage that brings out the aroma and flavor of botanicals.

2. The difference between alcohol that makes you fat and alcohol that doesn't make you fat

gin highball

Liquor can be divided into brewed liquor, distilled liquor, and mixed liquor, depending on the manufacturing method.

Brewed alcoholic beverages, such as sake, wine, and beer, are alcoholic beverages made by alcoholic fermentation of grains and fruits with yeast.

"Distilled liquor" is made by fermenting raw materials to make brewed liquor and then distilling it. This includes gin, whiskey, vodka, and shochu.

"Composite liquor" refers to all kinds of re-manufactured alcoholic beverages made by adding fruits, flavorings, sugars, etc. to brewed or distilled alcoholic beverages. Main products include plum wine and liqueur.

Among the three types of sake produced by this method, the one that is said to be the least fattening is “distilled sake” .

The reason for this is that while fermented and blended liquors contain carbohydrates and proteins, most of the calories in distilled liquors come from alcohol, called "empty calories," which are converted into heat through metabolism. is. Therefore, it is said that it is difficult to accumulate in the body without being converted to fat or sugar .

In addition, since it does not contain carbohydrates or purines , it is a distilled liquor that can be enjoyed not only by those who are on a diet but also by those who are health-conscious.

*In this article, "empty calories" is described in the sense that "calories derived from alcohol are broken down by metabolic enzymes and cannot be used as energy."

2. If you are concerned about calories (sugar), it is recommended to mix with soda instead of tonic.

Sake during meals

Gin, which is a typical example of distilled liquor, is particularly recommended. In addition to being able to enjoy various ways to drink gin, it has recently become popular among women because it can be drunk without worrying about calories .

For those who are on a diet or who are concerned about calories on a daily basis, we recommend drinking Jin Highball . A highball is a well-known way of drinking whiskey, but in a broader sense it is a cocktail made by mixing spirits with a non-alcoholic drink. By mixing with soda instead of tonic water that contains sugar, you can enjoy alcohol with low calories .

The low-calorie gin highball will solve this problem. Even if you like alcohol, it is an attractive dish that allows you to go on a diet without stress.

In addition to dieting, gin highball also has the advantage of being easy to match with meals .

Gin itself does not have a strong taste, so it does not interfere with the taste of any meal. On the contrary, mixing it with soda gives it a lighter taste, making it a perfect complement to a meal. Also, it is attractive that you can adjust the strength yourself and arrange it to your liking, such as adding lemon or pepper.

3. You can enjoy the taste with aroma without sugar

"It's like drinking perfume"

LAST has more botanicals and more types than general gin, and is characterized by a rich fragrance that is said to be "perfume to drink".

The gorgeous flavor with a strong botanical scent makes it a deep and satisfying taste without sugar. In addition, by mixing it with less sweet carbonated water, the botanical flavor stands out even more in your mouth and you can enjoy a long aftertaste.

Even those who usually don't like highballs or feel that they don't taste good, the flavor of LAST's botanicals will make your mouth feel better, so you can easily enjoy it.

LAST's gin highball is healthy, easy to drink with meals, and has a rich aroma. Instead of having a drink at an izakaya, how about having it at the dining table?

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