From hotpot to strawberry milk!? Flavor map of the mysterious experimental series "ENIGMA" released


In order to embody our company philosophy of "Starring the hidden gem," Ethical Spirits has developed the ethical distilled spirits series "ENIGMA," which uses innovative botanicals and produces original recipes each month, serving as a testing ground for discovering new possibilities for ingredients.

Since releasing ``CACAO ETHIQUE+'' in March 2021, we have been developing new products every month without fail, and have released approximately 30 types to date.

In this article, we have selected some of our most popular ready-made products and created an "ENIGMA Flavor Map" that maps them along the four axes of "Sweet," "Dry," "Rich," and "Clean," and we will introduce the breadth of recipe development with ethical spirits that has been cultivated through the "ENIGMA" series.

The new "ENIGMA" series products are available to the general public in limited quantities, so be sure to use this article as a reference when making your purchase!

*Purchases of past "ENIGMA" series titles are limited to members of our subscription service "Spirits Mate". Join "Spirits Mate" here

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◆ENIGMA Flavor Map

Introducing ENIGMA, which appears on the Drinkable Perfume Map!

1. Authentic sake made from lees

2. Drunk Strawberry Milk

3. Absinthe goes well with red bean paste



6. Medicinal Hot Pot with Juniper Wine

7. Pleasure Island Citrus Perfume

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◆Great value trial set "ENIGMA Discovery Set"

◆『ENIGMA Flavor Map』
ENIGMA Flavor Map

◆Introducing some of the 'ENIGMA' series that appears in the 'ENIGMA Flavor Map'!

1. Authentic Kasutori Juniper Sake "Dry" "Rich"

Regular lees harvesting

Released in December 2021

Botanical composition similar to LAST MODEST. ( Click here for details on LAST )

It has a mellow finish that takes advantage of the aroma of shiso and mandarin oranges, as well as the unique sweet nuances of authentic kasutori shochu.

2. Drunk Strawberry Milk "Sweet" "Rich"

Drunk strawberry milk

Released in February 2022

Rich buttermilk (a by-product of making fermented butter) and fragrant strawberries are used as the main botanicals. Tonka beans, vanilla, lemon peel, etc. are added to create the image of a "strawberry shortcake from a high-end Western confectionery shop."

3. Absinthe that goes well with red bean paste: "Sweet" and "Rich"

Absinthe that goes well with red bean paste


Released in April 2022

The rich milky sweet aroma is complemented by the freshness of wormwood, making this the perfect absinthe to go with red bean paste. You can also enjoy the fragrant cacao husk from Whose Cacao and the sweet aroma of matcha from TeaRoom.

4. HANEMOMO GIN “Sweet” “Clean”


Released in September 2022

We used peaches from "HOPE Orchard" in Yamanashi Prefecture, which is committed to growing fruit with as little pesticides as possible, as our key botanical. We use peaches that are not normally distributed in the market, such as those that have been "rejected" due to small scratches or blackening, or those that have fallen due to wind and rain.


White Flower

Released in July 2022

The main ingredients used are white flowers such as tangerine blossoms and jasmine tea, as well as three types of fresh herbs harvested on the rooftop of the distillery. Enjoy the gorgeous fragrance that is almost like perfume.

6. Medicinal Hot Pot Juniper Wine "Dry" "Rich"

Medicinal hotpot

Released in October 2022

Inspired by hotpot, we have used a variety of Chinese botanicals. In particular, the fresh and gorgeous aroma of Hangen Sichuan pepper and the cool sensation of fragrant fruits and grass extract stand out.

7. Pleasure Island Citrus Perfume “Dry” “Clean”

Pleasure Island Citrus Perfume

Released in March 2023

The main botanical used is the "Shiku", a type of citrus that grows wild on Kikai Island. It is the only native citrus in Japan that has a bergamot-like scent, but it is a rare citrus that is cultivated by only a few farmers.

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ENIGMA Discovery Set

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What did you think? Ethical Spirits will continue to shed light on materials whose value is still unknown and bring them to you through our research and development, starting with the ENIGMA series.

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