Why is alcohol a recommended souvenir from Narita Airport? Introducing limited edition alcohol that will make anyone happy!

Narita Airport is one of Japan's international airports. Did you know that it's actually a fun spot to pick out souvenirs? It's a must-see spot, especially for those who love alcohol. Narita Airport has a wide selection of local sake from all over Japan and Western liquor from all over the world. We recommend buying some alcohol as a souvenir. This time, we will introduce why alcohol is a recommended souvenir from Narita Airport and the craft gin "Cloud9" that can be purchased at the airport.

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From hotpot to strawberry milk!? Flavor map of the mysterious experimental series "ENIGMA" released

In order to embody our company philosophy of "Starring the hidden gem," Ethical Spirits has developed the ethical distilled spirits series "ENIGMA," which uses innovative botanicals and produces original recipes each month, serving as a testing ground for discovering new possibilities for ingredients.

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Easy at home! 3 refreshing gin cocktails and the gin that goes with them

In order to support home drinking, we will introduce "Gin-based cocktails that can be easily made at home"! Only soda or tonic water is used. No real bartender tools or liqueurs needed.

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A gin highball that allows you to enjoy alcohol without worrying about calories even if you are on a diet!

“I like alcohol, but recently I have to take care of my health…” “I recently started dieting, so I’m worried about the calories in alcohol…” I think there are many people who have such troubles. This time I want to know the alcohol that is hard to get fat! For those who say, we will introduce you to alcohol that you can enjoy without worrying about calories and how to drink it!

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