This year's Valentine's day is alcohol! Introducing the gin that fits the present!


It's not long until Valentine's Day. The classic Valentine's gift is chocolate, but have you ever thought, "Chocolate is a little too ordinary" or "I want to give a more mature gift"?

We recommend a gift of alcohol for you. By giving alcohol as a gift, you can create a special and mature feeling that is different from ordinary Valentine's gifts!

This time, we will introduce gin that is recommended as a Valentine's gift! Read on to find the perfect Valentine's gift!

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1. CACAO ÉTHIQUE Valentine Set
3. Recommended ways to drink

1. CACAO ÉTHIQUE Valentine Set

First of all, we would like to introduce the CACAO ÉTHIQUE Valentine Set , which will be released only for Valentine's Day this year !
You can enjoy 100ml each of 4 types of limited products made from "CACAO ÉTHIQUE", a popular product using cacao husk: CACAO ÉTHIQUE, CACAO ÉTHIQUE + mint, CACAO ÉTHIQUE + vanilla, CACAO ÉTHIQUE + tonka beans!

You can enjoy a variety of flavors at once, and the size is convenient at 100ml, making it easy to give to anyone and perfect as a gift. When it comes to alcohol, it can be difficult to choose a gift because everyone has different tastes, but with the CACAO ÉTHIQUE Valentine's set, you're sure to find one that you like!

Also, since there are 4 types, it is easy to use it as a conversation topic after giving it as a gift, such as "Which one was the most delicious?"


Next, we will introduce the combination of CACAO ÉTHIQUE and ELEGANT , which has an attractive scent !
CACAO ÉTHIQUE is the gin that served as the basis for this year's Valentine's Day set , and features a unique flavor that allows you to enjoy both the aroma and the sweetness. CACAO ETHIQUE, where you can enjoy the flavor of chocolate, is perfect as a Valentine's gift.

In addition, ELEGANT from the LAST series, which won the highest gold award in the world's two largest gin competitions, will be appreciated when given together with CACAO ÉTHIQUE. ELEGANT is a fresh and refreshing scent derived from sake lees, and you can enjoy a complex and gorgeous scent that combines multiple botanicals!

Also, if you want to send the two together, this gift box is perfect! You can make it even more glamorous by sticking to the box .

3. Recommended ways to drink

Finally, CACAO introduced in this article We will introduce one delicious way to drink ÉTHIQUE and ELEGANT! It's just an example, so if you don't know what to match, please refer to it!

●Orange Blossom

Ingredients: CACAO ÉTHIQUE, orange juice

A very simple cocktail that can be made with just orange juice. The procedure is easy, just mix gin and juice, so take your time and find the ratio you like!

●Gin Ricky

Ingredients: ELEGANT, Lime, Soda

Another simple recipe! The fragrant ELEGANT can be enjoyed just by mixing it with soda! If you crush the lime when you drink it, the citrus scent will be stronger and the taste will be refreshing.


Have you found the perfect drink for Valentine's Day? Give a special gift that is different from the ordinary by giving alcohol as a gift on Valentine's Day .
At Ethical Spirits, we also have many gins that are great as gifts !
Please use it as a reference!

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