To commemorate the 1st anniversary of the establishment of "Tokyo Riverside Distillery", we are selling two new ethical gins in a commemorative gift box!

東京リバーサイド蒸溜所 1周年記念セット

Product page:

・ Two premium gins suitable for the first anniversary

``LAST EPISODE 0 -' ' from the ``LAST'' series of craft gins produced by reusing sake lees, which has been acclaimed in Europe, including the highest gold award at the UK ``IWSC 2021'' and the highest country award at the ``World Gin Awards 2021''. ELEGANT- TRD 1st anniversary” is born.

"LAST EPISODE 0 -ELEGANT-" is a gorgeous finish using pink pepper and lavender. Normally, we use Chiyomusubi Sake Brewery's lees extract shochu, but this time we have specially made it based on "Amabuki Sake Brewery" lees extract shochu.
Fuki Brewery's sake lees shochu has a concentrated ginjo aroma, giving it a very fruity and gorgeous impression. A gin with a very complex scent that adds a fruity impression to the ELEGANT so far.

Tokyo Riverside Distillery 1st Anniversary Set

And "REVIVE from TENRYOHAI" was born from the craft gin "REVIVE" series, which was given new life by distilling sake that has exceeded its drinking age.
Based on the luxurious undiluted whiskey of Junmai Daiginjo sake from Tenryohai Sake Brewery in Sado Island, Niigata Prefecture, which has been distilled under reduced pressure. Undiluted sake distilled from junmai daiginjo sake has a sweet and fruity aroma reminiscent of strawberries. Because it was a wonderful unblended whiskey, we used only juniper berries instead of multiple botanicals, and distilled it in two types: decompression and normal pressure. After blending, it is undoubtedly a premium gin aged in stainless steel tanks for about 20 months.

These two types, which are produced in limited quantities as ethical gin, will be delivered in a special 1st anniversary gift box. In addition to the official EC, it will be sold at the “Tokyo Riverside Distillery” in Kuramae, Tokyo and “The Ethical Spirits & Coffee” in Otemachi, Tokyo operated by Ethical Spirits.

・ Product overview of “Tokyo Riverside Distillery 1st Anniversary Set”

Tokyo Riverside Distillery 1st Anniversary Set

Product name: “Tokyo Riverside Distillery 1st Anniversary Set”
Price: 11,000 yen (tax included)
Sales location: <Online sales>
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<store sales>
・Tokyo Riverside Distillery
3-9-3 Kuramae, Taito-ku, Tokyo
・The Ethical Spirits & Coffee
Otemachi Financial City North Tower 1F, 1-9-5 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
・『LAST EPISODE 0 -ELEGANT- TRD 1st anniversary』
Item: Gin
Alcohol content: 47%
Container: 375ml bottle
Ingredient place of origin: Kasutori shochu (manufactured in Saga Prefecture)
Raw material supplier: Amabuki Sake Brewery
Item: Gin
Alcohol content: 45%
Container: 375ml bottle
Name of place of origin for raw materials: Refined sake (manufactured in Niigata Prefecture)
Raw material supplier: Tenryohai Sake Brewery

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