Ethical Spirits & FEVER-TREE Collaboration Campaign

エシカル・スピリッツ & FEVER-TREE コラボキャンペーン

In commemoration of Gin Tonic Day on October 19th, FEVER-TREE has released "Premium Soda Water" and "Premium Tonic Water" that are perfect for gin and tonic and gin soda . "LAST ELEGANT" will be presented to a total of 9 people by lottery as a special product that includes one of each type.


Fevertree was founded in London in 2004 by Charles Rolls and Tim Walliroe.

They question the fact that while premium spirits are expanding remarkably worldwide, the mixers (splits) that make up the majority of cocktails such as gin and tonics are monopolized by large, cost-conscious, low-quality ones. I felt it and traveled around the world to purchase high-quality materials and create a wonderful mixer.

Since then, Fevertree has been a pioneer of premium mixers and has been exported to many countries in addition to the UK.

What are ethical spirits?

Ethical Spirits, the world's first craft gin brand specializing in ethical

We aim to become the world's leading sustainable spirits brand by reviving sake lees, which is normally discarded, and beer left over due to the influence of COVID-19 as gin.

The ethical gin "LAST" series "LAST ELEGANT" produced by reusing and distilling sake lees won the highest award at "IWSC 2021", one of the prestigious competitions held in the UK. was awarded.


■ Campaign period

October 4, 2022 (Tuesday) to October 19 (Wednesday) 23:59

■ How to apply

For Twitter

  1. Follow @ethical_spirits
  2. "RT" the campaign post

Ethical Spirits Official Twitter (Click here to apply )

For Instagram

  1. Follow @fevertree_jp and @ethical_spirits
  2. Like and comment on campaign posts

Ethical Spirits Official Instagram (Click here to apply )

FEVER-TREE Official Instagram (Click here to apply )

■ Prizes

A set of 1 “Premium Soda Water”, 1 “Premium Tonic Water” & 1 “LAST ELEGANT” will be presented to a total of 9 people by lottery.

* 3 people from each SNS account will be selected.

■ Application requirements

*You must follow both accounts to apply. If you follow only one of the accounts, you will be disqualified.
* Only those who live in Japan can apply.
* Only those over the age of 20 can apply.
* We will contact the winners with a DM to the winners.
* Applications from private accounts or accounts that are set to refuse to receive messages will not be considered.
* If the prize cannot be delivered due to reasons such as the applicant's address being unknown or being unable to be contacted, the application will be invalidated.

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