A must-see for gin lovers! 4 snacks that go well with gin and tonic

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Gin and tonic, a classic cocktail made with gin. The fragrant gin and slightly bitter tonic will whet your appetite.

Today we will introduce snacks that go well with such a gin and tonic! We actually produce gin and have tried many different combinations . Enjoy the best snacks for the characteristics of gin that you can understand only because you are a craft gin expert.


1. Snacks that go well with LAST EPISODE 0 -ELEGANT-: Uncured ham 

Characteristics of gin: A gin with a rich botanical scent distilled by Chiyomusubi Sake Brewery in Tottori Prefecture.

The fresh and refreshing scent derived from sake lees is combined with multiple botanicals to create a flavored gin style with a complex and gorgeous scent .

Because it contains a lot of essential oil ingredients, it is characterized by its pale color when mixed with soda or tonic water.

2. Snacks that go well with LAST EPISODE 0 -MODEST-: Cheese 

Characteristics of gin: Distilled by Chiyomusubi Sake Brewery in Tottori Prefecture, this gin has a strong botanical aroma and a strong taste.

It features a fresh and refreshing scent derived from sake lees shochu and a solid taste of London dry gin style.

We recommend drinking with soda or tonic. Enjoy as an aperitif or as a first drink.

3. Snacks that go well with REVIVE: Roast beef 

Gin characteristics: Developed with the aim of creating a gin with an innovative aroma and taste while respecting the manufacturing method and background of Budweiser.

Beech chips are soaked in unblended whiskey distilled from Budweiser, and beer is added. Juniper berries, hops and lemon peel are then added to complete the distillation.

The light and elegant taste of a “compound gin” is characterized by its sweet taste that goes well with salty, spicy, and strong-flavoured foods.

4. Snacks that go well with REVIVE from NINJA: Canapes 

Characteristics of gin: The unique scent of myoga, sudachi, and sencha is wrapped in the sweet scent of chamomile and furukicha.

When you put it in your mouth, it has a very mellow quality, starting with the vivid citrus and greenness of coriander seeds, then the deep fresh green scent of TeaRoom's Okochi Sencha, and finally the sharp spice of myoga. , When water is added, myoga comes out to the front.

REVIVE: Tonic = 1:3~4 is recommended. The label design is a collaboration with Heralbony Co., Ltd., which creates a new culture with welfare as the starting point, with the mission of "Let it shine."

Raw ham that goes well with LAST ELEGANT

Uncured ham is recommended for gin and tonic using LAST ELEGANT, which features a complex and gorgeous taste!

The matured, mellow fat of prosciutto brings out the botanical aroma of gin and tonic.

Enjoy the “ELEGANT” taste with high-grade uncured ham.

Cheese that goes well with LAST MODEST

Cheese goes well with LAST MODEST, which has a strong and strong taste.

Because the rich taste of cheese is perfect for strong botanical aromas.

Cheese and gin are both fermented foods. Please try this combination that is delicious because it takes time!

Roast beef that goes well with REVIVE

REVIVE is a distinctive gin that uses beer as an ingredient. A slightly unique gin and tonic with REVIVE should be paired with meat dishes such as roast beef .

The refined sweetness of the REVIVE and the concentrated umami of the meat are so delicious that you can't help but burn.

Interestingly, both gin and tonic and roast beef originated from England. Enjoy the "British" combination!

Canapes that go well with REVIVE from NINJA

The main feature of REVIVE from NINJA is the mature taste with the sweet scent of old wood tea.
How about pairing a slightly more luxurious gin and tonic with stylish canapés ?

If you put cheese, salmon, jam, etc. on crackers, canapés are completed in no time. The saltiness of the canapes complements the sweetness of the gin and tonic.

The colorful canapés match the gorgeous bottle design of REVIVE from NINJA. Enjoy a stylish home drink with canapés that taste and look great!

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