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[Suntory collaboration] Craft Gin UNEARTH STORY #1 KOSHU & CITRUS

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Based on the concept of "unearthing new stories (stories) from obscure or discarded materials (UNEARTH)," Ethical Spirits distills and sells gin made using botanical ingredients provided by Suntory.

The craft gin that marks the beginning of "UNEARTH STORY," "UNEARTH STORY #1 KOSHU & CITRUS," is distilled using key botanicals from the pomace of "Koshu" white grapes used in Suntory Wine, and "Shikuu," a citrus fruit indigenous to Kikai Island in Kagoshima Prefecture.


Based on the grape flavor of the pomace, citrus fruits such as "Shiku" and "Hassaku" bring out the citrus aroma of "Koshu," while multiple botanicals such as "galangal," "kaffir lime," "lavender," and "hops" create an aromatic scent.

Recommended way to drink

The green aroma of juniper berries and citrus and the aroma of Koshu grapes spreads across your tongue, and when you put it in your mouth, the juicy and gorgeous aroma of Shiku spreads softly. It can be enjoyed mixed with soda.

Product Specifications

Capacity: 200ml
Alcohol content: 46%
Botanicals: Shiku, Koshu white grape pomace, Hassaku, mandarin orange, myoga, ginger leaves, juniper berries, Coriander seed, galangal, angelica root, lavender, kaffir lime leaf, hops

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