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[Limited to 10 bottles] KURAMAE FETHER TOUCH GIN

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* Limited to 10 general sales. If you join the ethical spirits subscription "Spirits Mate", you can enjoy the ENIGMA series at a great price every month.

Spirits Mate limited series ENIGMA by ethical spirits in-house distillery "Tokyo Riverside Distillery".


We use a blend of raw alcohol and Amabuki Shuzo's Ginjo Kasutori Shochu. The refreshing scents of melon, white peach, and green apple, which are unique to ginjo sake, complement the botanicals.


It is positioned as a prototype of the new LAST scheduled to be released this year. A gin that retains the taste and aroma of dry gin while adding the smoothness of kasutori shochu.

Recommended way to drink

Fether touch gin, as the name suggests, has a gentle taste and a light taste, so it is delicious to drink in a rock style with about the same ratio as the split ingredients.

① Gin + Mitsuya Cider
Put gin and cider in a 1:1 ratio in a chilled glass with ice and mix lightly. drink slowly.

② Salty dog ​​that can be done at home (classic style)
In a chilled glass with ice, add 30ml of gin, 45ml of grapefruit juice (approximate amounts are fine), a pinch of salt and mix lightly. drink slowly.

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