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[JAL] Craft Gin Re FLY

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A domestic craft gin created in collaboration between JAL and Ethical Spirits.
The name comes from the story of how the "coffee grounds" left over after brewing coffee in JAL's domestic lounges are transformed into a delicious craft gin and take flight into the skies.

In its "JAL Vision 2030," the JAL Group sets out its goal of creating a "safe and secure society" and a "sustainable future" with its own hands, and has positioned its ESG strategy as its top-level management strategy.
One of the issues that had been under consideration for a long time was the utilization of "coffee powder" left over after coffee extraction, which was made possible through collaboration with Ethical Spirits.

We believe that "Re FLY" can be one of the measures in line with our ESG strategy, as it solves the issue of food waste while also creating a new cycle in which an ethical, and above all delicious, gin reaches customers again.


Based on the theme of "refined Japanese style," the drink is based on botanicals such as "hiba" and "yuzu" inspired by JAL's original lounge aroma "EVENING," as well as the deep, alluring aroma of "lounge coffee." The chic, mellow flavor is layered with oriental aromas of green Japanese pepper, ginger leaves, and shell ginger, creating a relaxing Japanese atmosphere.

Recommended way to drink

The recommended way to enjoy it is to mix "Re FLY" with carbonated water in a 1:3 to 4 ratio to make a gin and soda drink. This will bring out the refreshing taste of the hiba and yuzu.

To enjoy the mellow flavor of lounge coffee, we also recommend a gin and tonic made by mixing Re FLY with tonic water.

Product Specifications

Product name: "Re FLY"
Product: Spirits (gin)
Alcohol content: 47%

Container: 375ml bottle Country of origin of raw materials: Ibaraki Prefecture (raw alcohol), Akita Prefecture (kasutori shochu)
Botanicals: Juniper berries, coffee grounds, coriander seeds, yuzu granules, Japanese cypress, green Japanese pepper, lavender, ginger leaves, shell ginger, heather, eucalyptus, angelica root, patchouli

*Sediment or floating particles may appear due to precipitation of ingredients caused by temperature changes, etc., but this does not affect the quality of the product.

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