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[It's like drinking a shortcake]
Drunk strawberry milk

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ENIGMA is a Spirits Mate limited edition series from Ethical Spirits' own distillery, Tokyo Riverside Distillery.


Amabuki Shuzo has a 300-year history since it was founded in Saga Prefecture during the Genroku period. The shochu used this time is ginjo kasutori shochu made from freshly squeezed sake lees. The flavor of the undiluted shochu is concentrated with the gorgeous aromas of melon, white peach, and green apple that are unique to the ginjo sake from which it is made.


Rich buttermilk (a by-product of making fermented butter) and fragrant strawberries are used as the main botanicals. Tonka beans, vanilla, lemon peel, etc. are added to create a flavor reminiscent of "strawberry shortcake from a high-end Western confectionery shop." " is the image that comes to mind.

Recommended way to drink

  1. Prepare an empty plastic bottle or protein shaker
  2. Add 45ml of drunk strawberry milk, 10ml of honey, 90ml of milk, and a little lemon juice, and shake!
  3. Pour into a glass with ice
  4. Sprinkle cinnamon or your favorite spices on top.
  5. Drink deliciously without getting drunk!
  6. Wash what you use (important) * If you are drunk, clean up the next day.

* Add lemon juice and honey to taste! If you add too much lemon, it will taste like unsweetened yogurt. Our staff recommends using less lemon for a sweeter taste.

* Sediment or floating particles may appear due to the precipitation of ingredients due to the properties of the buttermilk used or temperature changes, but this does not affect the quality of the product.

Shiitake mushrooms, hops, strawberry shortcake...? Enjoy Tokyo Riverside Distillery's exclusive gin every month, sent only to members!

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