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[Itoshima Share House] Craft Gin BATON TOUCH No.4

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The fourth installment of the BATON TOUCH series brings together the creators of a new culture: "Itoshima Share House," a community living in the countryside, and the hand-drawn design group "WHW!"
The collaboration with Ethical Spirits involved making a beer using BATON TOUCH's sake lees, and then distilling that beer lees to create an ethical craft gin that is truly a passing of the baton.


This refreshing gin uses sweet orange flowers, fennel, and Japanese pepper leaves harvested at Itoshima Share House, as well as herbs harvested on the rooftop of Tokyo Riverside Distillery.

Recommended way to drink

It has a natural sweetness and is slightly sweet even when mixed with soda. It has a relatively light aroma and is delicious no matter what you use it with.

Product Specifications

Product name: "BATON TOUCH No.4"
Product: Spirits (gin)
Alcohol content: 43%
Container: 375ml bottle Origin of raw materials: Raw material alcohol (made in Ibaraki Prefecture) / Kasutori shochu (made in Saga Prefecture)
Juniper berries, sweet summer, Japanese pepper, peppermint, lemongrass, sweet summer flowers, apple mint, fennel, hops, malt grains, lemon verbena, lemon marigold, rosemary, coriander seeds, angelica root

*Sediment or floating particles may appear due to precipitation of ingredients caused by temperature changes, etc., but this does not affect the quality of the product.

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