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[Sweet scent of apples and rhubarb *Not spicy]

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*This product is colored red using only natural materials, so the color may fade over time.

ENIGMA is a Spirits Mate limited edition series from Ethical Spirits' own distillery, Tokyo Riverside Distillery.


This time, in addition to Amabuki Shuzo's Ginjo Kasutori Shochu, we used the ultra-distilled heads (the first part that comes out of the distillation process) and tails (the parts that are not used in the product because they have a low alcohol content or a heavy taste) of all the gin that Ethical Spirits has produced up to now as the base liquor.


Blood orange peel and apple are used as key botanicals. All botanicals except juniper berries are red, resulting in a vibrant red gin.

*Sediment or floating particles may appear due to precipitation of ingredients caused by temperature changes, etc., but this does not affect the quality of the product.

Recommended way to drink

◆May Enigma x POCARI SWEAT x Rose Salt
-Put ice in a glass, pour in 30ml of gin, mix and chill
-Pour in 90ml of POCARI SWEAT
- Garnish with rose petals and some salt if you have them.
- Drink it deliciously!
Did you all get a taste of the refreshing youth?

◆May Enigma x ICE BOX x Carbonated Water
-Get an ICE BOX at a convenience store or supermarket

-Open the ice box and pour in 30ml of gin
-Pour carbonated water up to the top and insert a straw
-The result is a cute-looking cup of coffee!

Shiitake mushrooms, hops, strawberry shortcake...? Enjoy Tokyo Riverside Distillery's exclusive gin every month, sent only to members!

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