About ethical spirits


A Distillation Platform Enabling a Circular Economy

Ethical Spirits Co., Ltd.
By distilling discarded sake lees and beer nearing its expiration date,
A distillation venture that produces new-age craft gin and whiskey.

We sell gin made by re-distilling sake lees,
A portion of the profit is used to produce sake rice and send it back to the sake lees provider.
We will realize the world's first recycling-type "ethical gin project".

[Efforts of Ethical Spirits Co., Ltd.-What is a circular economy-]

What is the circular economy that ethical spirits aim for?
It consists of three parties: our company, rice farmers, and sake breweries nationwide (Fig. 1).

First, it is a by-product generated when sake breweries nationwide produce sake.
We purchase sake lees, reuse and distill the sake lees
We produce gin and whiskey (= Ethical Gin Project).

Next, based on the profits generated there, we
New rice is purchased from a rice farmer (Fig. 1 (2)).

Rice farmers then deliver the new rice to sake breweries nationwide (Fig. 1 ③)
Sake breweries across the country will be able to produce sake again,
Sake lees are produced (Figure 1 (1))…the cycle becomes possible.

Figure 1: Circular Economy Aimed at by Ethical Spirits